Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Car Crash Catastrophe

“Agh! its spinning out of control,” yelled Kara. “Mum what are you doing,” frowned Nick. “Sorry,” said mum, “Its the stupid car.” “Mum what just flew out the window,” “The seatbelt” she said in a calm voice, “The seatbelt” Screamed Kara, “ Don’t you need that. “Yup but,” erch the car jolted to a stop.

Ok lets tell the story from the start. 3 WEEKS AGO: The long haired blonde walked past with the sooty brown eyed boy. “MUM!” One of them yelled, “What are you doing,” “Fixing the car why?” “Because we need a car.”

2 DAYS LATER: They go to Calebs cars, the town car dealer. “We’ve only got $2000 to buy a car.” said Nick The car dealer came over and gave us a great deal, $2000 for a brand new car perfect.

Ok back to the story now. “ power pole move said Kara  
Stay calm everybody i’ll call the popo.

WE WAW was the last Kara heard until she passed out but she  got out safely.    

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