Monday, 24 November 2014

The Moa Awards 

The Moa awards ... have you heard of them, they're three schools. Matpu for M, Opunake for O, and Aurora for A. They celebrate the use of technology to make digital paradise. This graphic competition allows people to win amazing prizes including a Television for the winning school this amazing Compton is also great for enhancing children's  learning.

The things you can enter are: 
  • Best student blog
*Best teacher blog
*Best short movie 
*Best animation
*Best music video
*Best educational video 
*Best actor
*Best actress 
*Best narrator  
*Best teaching with ICT 
*Best graphic design poster
*Best original image
*Best TeAo Maōri 
Supreme winner 
these are good things because they're totally different ideas and if you enter you can choose different ones.

The moa awards were amazing we would like some more schools to enter because there will be more movies it was only 1an1/2 hours so it wont be to much longer. 

you will need to dress formally for this event for more innfomation go to

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