Tuesday, 26 August 2014


My legs go stiff as I walk through the door. OFFF I bump into something big, and hairy. AHH I scream. My legs twist until I can’t walk my thought swells up until I cant talk I’m just going to get a apple I stutter. I’m so scared I think I'm going to wet myself. But I hear a voice same I jump 20 feet in the air.

Oh this apple is good they both examined sometimes I wish I had a room like Melissa said Alex as Melissa had about 1 hundred bean bags and 6 iPod’s I wish I had a had like Alex said Melissa because Alex had a room that looked like he was on the green grass on a nice day (his carpet and bed cover matched) he also had 5 apple computers.

They hear a noise and they lose gravity they were transferred into each others bed rooms Alex was scared so he ran out and his butt sits on a suitcase poor Alex he’s stuck to the suitcase and on the other side of the house Melissa can’t find the bed she says its to blended in. But she fells real grass no it cant be but his bed room has turned real.  Alex says there have been a lot of disasters in my time like famines and Melissa but this is far worse.

I would really like Alex two come back. I really miss him I’m as sad as a baby and I really     miss he always saves me even in lays whoosh it was Alex and he was here to save me.

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