Monday, 25 August 2014

Time Travel Story

I press a button as I fall out of my hover car, into HQ. My boss goes on about a problem. 
“The king is dead.  I need to interview the royal family, so you have to to my duties. You have to go back in time, and interview the people who signed the Treaty of Waitangi. Use this time machine thingie.”

I set the time machine for forty eight hours ( it’s a cycle so I come back.) I take a deep breath and step into the machine. My hair frizzes up. I  start losing gravity. I hear noises like a dolphin I feel like I am on a roller coster. Then all of sudden, I am in a hole.

I struggle and struggle to get out. There are stones they are moving this must be a magic hole, but we didn't have magic holes in the future. All that thinking made me tired time for a nap.    
When I wake up Hone Heke is standing above me.“hallo hallo”. He greets me with a haka and his wife does an impressive dance.

I interview all the chiefs the same questions keep coming up. “Where do you sleep? What do you eat? Do you like your job? Do you like Waitangi?”

I disappear I liked it in Waitangi so I quit my job and stayed in Waitangi forever.


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  2. It's great to see you including some interesting descriptive detail about what happened to your character as they travelled through time! We need to look at how to evaluate your work to make sure it meets all of our goals (to include facts about the event in history you were travelling back to).