Monday, 25 August 2014

Time Travel 2
I yell to mum, “I’m going for a run.”       
She yells back,
"grab some bread, butter and jam for lunch on your way."
 On my way back I see a man who looks hungry. “Here is my sandwich,” I say 
“thanks” he says back. He says ",Look in my bag ",No I’ve got to get home to study about the world cup.   
Just look.

Oh my gosh It’s the world cup I say bye not listening to his warning “you need to find a like me.

I run through its like a pathway of roses I cant believe it I thought I would be floating through air by now but I was still running. I ran and ran until I was running around a school field.

What this cant be the man lied this at fair what there is a path were does it lead to I thought I walked through it  was a rugby stadium and the final France New Zealand but when do I get home he didn’t explain THIS.

I had to find a way home and fast then I had an idea try to find a lonely person and give that person a sandwich so that’s exactly what I did then I was home and got an A+ on my fantastic job.

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