Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Kowhaiwhai patterns 
In room four we have been learning about Kowhaiwhai patterns ,the traditional colors are red black and white .They were made in new zealand ,by lots of people the patterns ,can be rotated  reflected and translated .Thats what makes the pattern. 

Kowhaiwhai patterns are found in the wharenui of the mare, they were made five hundred years ago , in the whaka,transferred into he wharenui .

Reflected rotated and translated can bIe seen in the pattern. The patterns u rotate reflect and translated ,are kape , raura and koru .

The colours represent white, for good and nothing bad to happen in the  future. Red for light and warmth .And black for nature .

We have learnt a lot translated is copying it and do it exactly the same rotate is rotating the object and reflect is putitng in a mirror image . the end 

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