Thursday, 28 August 2014

Hi,  I'm Charlie.I go to Opunake Primary School. I'm a Year 6, in room 4. I have two little brothers and one cute sister.
 I live under Mount Taranaki with my two cats, Jasper, Fergus, my dog, Jack, and I reckon we've got about  six hundred cows. I live in a small town called Opunake, in the the district of, Taranaki in New Zealand.                                                                        My favourite colour is blue. My favourite food is cheesecake. (Well any desert that looks yummy like this one.)
This is a strawberry and chocolate cheesecake with strawberries  and blueberries on top. I absolutely love karate. I do gojoru karate. We  learn how to kick, punch and block which we put into carters. Sometimes we grade using the caters. the belt order goes white, blue, blue tab, yellow, yellow tab, green, green tab, brown, brown tab, brown 2 tab brown 3 tab  then the hardest belt black belt im only on blue belt but i will keep trying until i get black belt. my favourite animals are.


 My dislikes are:

pumpkin                                                                                                  horses

The colour pink

and Harry Potter


  1. Hi Charlie,
    What great photos - they really go with your story about yourself. I will remember NOT to cook pumpkin when we visit...but will make some yummy deserts with you.
    Love Grandma

  2. Hey Charlie, I agree with your dislikes of horses and the colour pink, and did you know your favourite colour blue is also Maple's favourite colour. I loved reading about your karate and can't wait to come and see you in the dojo when we visit next time. Love Aunty Lisa

  3. Hey Charlie, I can't believe you dislike horses! I like how you have included lots of information about karate and the order of the belts. I like how you have included lots of pictures. I like how you included some humour. Great Job!