Thursday, 28 May 2015

The great marble ramp!

As you know today is my last day so we made a Great marble ramp. We had to make a ramp that went I metre from the start of the ramp.
This is my ramp. 

Me and Jazlin Think that ours will win. 


I'm moving

Today it's Friday, I cried I'm leaving today. I'm leaving: my friends, my school, my bed. My friends are so loyal, friendly, funny, emotional, and so cool to be friends with. I'm so sad to be leaving them.


Tuesday, 26 May 2015


For science we are drawing Arthropods, I brought in a stick figure and named him Stick man. He is green and I feed him soft leaves, grass and ants. His cage is a glass jar with glad wrap as the lid ( it has holes in it). It has sticks and some hard leaves to entertain him. This is what I'm drawing for my Arthropod.

This is his jar. 
This is stick man, on my friend's Dinah's hand. 

Thanks for reading about stick man. 

Monday, 11 May 2015


This week we have been given some reading. Me and Jazlin have done some buddy reading it is about the book we have read during shared reading. It's called war in Waihi. It's about some miners who go on strike. 



Netball is my favourite sport because im fast at 
running and good at shooting goals, I practice a lot at home. I like watching it on the TV. My favourite position is GD (Goal defence) & GA (Goal attack), but im very good at C (Centre).  I even writ a poem about it.